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Hypnotherapy For Stress

April Is National Stress Awareness Month

APRIL is National Stress Awareness Month in the UK and USA. And to help support and promote the importance of managing stress. A Healthy Mind is offering Hypnotherapy for Stress sessions at a 40% reduction for the month of April. To help with day-to-day stress through to prolonged chronic stress

Stress & Anxiety

Stress is one of the biggest issues today. It is being faced by millions across the globe. Being one of the largest contributors to ill health today.

Stress-related illness and absenteeism costs businesses millions, if not billions of pounds every year.

Too much stress often manifests into numerous physical, psychological and emotional problems.

Stress affects people in different ways. Some people thrive on it. Others find it impossible to cope with. For the latter, it wreaks havoc on their daily lives.

It is for these reasons, A Healthy Mind is resolute in it’s desire to play our part for National Stress Awareness Month.

Hypnotherapy for stress is effective and long term.

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