One’s perception, is one’s reality.
Change the perception and you change your actions.

Arthur Lawrence – Hypnotherapist

There are many issues that Hypnotherapy can help. Here are the issues that we encounter more frequently. Click on the image or text that you want to know more about. Should you have an issue that you require assistance with then please complete our “Enquiry Form” by clicking here.

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This is an anxiety disorder. It is the perception of a person that their environmet is unsafe. An environment that has no easy way of escape from it. Or where they perceive themselves to be in a place or situation where they have very little control. The result being an increased emotional state of distress. With there being a greater chance of a panic attack. Triggers for it can include open spaces, public transport, shopping centers, separation anxiety or just simply leaving the house. These feelings will be compounded by the individual’s fear of social embarassment. Those that are affected go to great lengths to avoid these situations, with some becoming imprisoned within their own home.

We use hypnotherapy to identify the initiating event, the event that started the fear, using various hypnotherapy techniques.

Using these techniques we are able to help you desensitise yourself from the event. We will then help you to resolve the causes.

It is uncommon for Agrophobia to resolve itself and affects about 1.7% of adults.

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Anxiety is a completely natural state of mind, which everyone will experience at some stage of their life. No one is perfect, no one has that perfect life. Anxiety can be classified as being a fear. It may be the fear of not knowing what will happen in certain situations. It could be the fear of not being heard. It could be the fear of getting on a plane, or going to the dentist. The list is endless, but all these examples lead to the feeling of being anxious.

Everyone will, at some stage, experience sadness, loss, disappointment, and grief. And we all know that this will pass, given time and the proper support.

Being anxious all the time has a negative effect on our emotions, our well being and can have detrimental effects on our mental and physical states.

Long term anxiety can have the effect of making your world shrink, as you try to avoid the situations that make you anxious. Resulting in a very unhealthy way of living.

Anxiety can cause us to lose our sense of self esteem, our self confidence and it is our own perception of self worth and self image that we tend to make decisions. If we make decisions based on a low self worth, then these decisions may well be bad for us and cause us to fall into a depressive state, with our self confidence and self esteem getting lower and lower.

But everything is not doom and gloom. Hypnotherapy can help! Hypnotherapy along with your powerful mind are able to manage anxiety and to reduce it to an acceptable level.

A Healthy Mind is able to work with you to move forward in life, leaving anxiety in your rear view mirror as you start to enjoy life and what it has to offer.

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Losing a loved one, a family member, a close friend or pet is a highly emotional time for you. Not knowing how to cope, how not to become depressed, is something that we all find difficult. It is a time within our lives that we all dread having to face up to. Therefore, it is not surprising that some of us need help and support to be able to regain some form of normality.

Many people struggle to overcome the feelings that loss and bereavement brings. And to lessen those feelings is difficult to achieve alone. This is where “A Healthy Mind” is able to help. Through hypnosis we can lessen those feelings. Help you cope with them and to heal the scars.

Simply ignoring the pain, keeping it buried or just putting your head in the sand does not lessen the grief or sense of loss that you feel. It takes some time to work through the grieving process. And some people may not be able to deal with their loss. This can impair their healing and lead to deep-seated feelings of heartache and depression.

If the bereavement is a family member, turning to someone within the family for support could prove to be more of a burden for them than help. Especially if they too are grieving. If grief is not dealt with in the proper way, it may lead to depression.

Many people feel guilt at things they did or did not say, or do. Feelings of anger and blame are common. As to are increased anxiety and stress levels. Both not being in your best interests. Suffering with anxiety about how you are to cope without the person you have lost, about your own health, about dying, about financial insecurity, or about the loss of your place in the world.

You may lose confidence and self esteem, or develop a fear of loneliness. You may also experience physical symptoms of grief. Like a loss of appetite, weight loss or weight gain, sickness, fatigue or sleeplessness.

Hypnotherapy can help. It can give you positive suggestions to your subconscious mind. Suggestions that are designed to help you cope with anxiety, insomnia, deep sadness and depression. As well as other symptoms of grieving. It helps you to reduce the feelings of guilt and blame. Hypnotherapy can help you to find ways of coping in the future.

So, if you are finding it difficult to cope with bereavement and loss contact us now to arrange a consultation.

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Self Confidence

Confidence is a state of mind. When we feel confident, we accept ourselves and believe in our abilities. When we don’t we become stressed, anxious, unfulfilled and ultimately unhappy.

Low self-confidence is something many of us suffer and can be a result of many factors, like the fear of the unknown, low self-esteem and the fear of other people’s perceptions of you. This lack of confidence can hold you back from developing both in your personal life and your professional life.

Hypnotherapy for confidencehelps you to challenge your negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. It can eliminate self-doubt. Allowing you to generate a more positive future, to improve your self-image and to increase your determination.

Using hypnotherapy, these old, unwanted negative thoughts and beliefs are replaced with positive feelings, beliefs and behaviours. Which will help you to get what you want and to feel good about being yourself.

So, if you need to rebuild your confidence, “A Healthy Mind” can help. You can become more self empowered, your self-esteem will be boosted. And through your hypnotherapy sessions you will learn to fight against anger, frustration and the lack of focus or direction in your life. All of which you have been and are still in control of. Your motivation you may find being enhanced and maybe your public speaking will be improved, if so desired. But most importantly hypnosis can help you attain your life goals.

If you are looking to improve your self confidence, your self-esteem or your motivation call us now for a free telephone consultation.

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Driving Test

Driving Test

Hypnotherapy is a brilliant tool to help overcome driving test nerves. It has been used to help clients improve their confidence and self belief. It helps with staying calm, composed and clear minded. If needed it can also help with you memorising information for your test, and in particular improving visual memory. Hypnotherapy is also used to improve your focus and concentration, both of which are important for when you study for a test and in taking the actual test.

To be successful at your driving test it is important to be both relaxed and alert, to stay calm and focused. Hypnotherapy is able to help prepare you for the test, by developing these qualities at a subconscious level as well as promoting confidence and self assurance. Visualisation will be used, taking you through your ideal test with the outcome that you desire. A bit like a dress rehearsal.

You will imagine getting things right on the test. You will maintain the appropriate mental, physical and emotional state. Visualisation can be used to practice particular skills, such as coordination, much in the same way as sports people do.

The first part the hypnotherapy session is to discuss the problems and challenges that you have already experienced. And identify the things which require help, for example being relaxed, confident, focused, and so on. The first session you are guided through a gradual way of relaxing. Once fully relaxed the positive suggestions are delivered for the required changes. As part of the process, you are encouraged to imagine yourself being the way you want to be, which creates powerful ‘road map’ for your subconscious mind to work with.

A live recording of the hypnotherapy session is recorded so you can take it away with you and listen to on a daily basis at home. This has the effect of helping you to become more relaxed and reinforces the positive suggestions and ideas that were made during your sessions.

On subsequent sessions we check out past events in order to change limiting beliefs, as well reinforcing the positive qualities to help you to be the best you can be on the day.

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There is a great emphasis in today’s society to use exams to measure a person’s ability. Which in itself creates stress, not only for the person taking the exam, but also their immediate family. This stress is usually referred to as “Exam Nerves”. Generally it is a combination of stress and anxiety. This being the stress of revision that is required for the forthcoming exam. It is the stress of the preparation for the exam, from a mental perspective. And it is the anxiety that comes with actually taking the exam.

Exam nerves can affect anyone, at any age. No matter how much a person may have revised for the exam, or how much experience they have had in taking exams. Neither does it matter that they expect it, there is still a good chance that they will still have a feeling of nausia and panic. This is normally due to them feeling overwhelmed with the whole process.

When nerves become out of control, they generally lead to anxiety attacks and stress. And if a person does not know how to cope with these feelings, then a vicious circle may evolve of increased and more intense emotions. This can have a negative impact upon a person, which could result in longer term perfomance based anxiety.

Preparing for an exam and sitting it is not just about how knowledgeable a person is, but also their state of mind. Feeling calm, relaxed, focused and confident when studying and sitting the exam means they will be much more likely to achieve their full potential.

Hypnotherapy is a commonly used for helping to get a persons exam nerves under control. It can help boost confidence and reduce feelings of anxiety. It can help a person to develop the ability to access the calm state of mind needed to sit the exam, or cope with a potentially overwhelming situation.

The power of hypnotic suggestion and visualisation techniques helps an individual to clear their racing mind and approach the exam with a cool and focused mind.

Hypnotherapy can also be used to assist a person in their revision too. By using various techniques, a person’s ability to improve their memory and recall can prove beneficial in reducing both stress and anxiety. It could also help a person to restore their feeling of self belief.

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Hypno Gastric Band

Hypno Gastric Band

Weight Loss

Gastric band hypnotherapy is a technique used to suggest to the subconscious mind that you’ve had a gastric band fitted around your stomach, to help you lose weight. The aim of the Hypno Gastric Band is that on an unconscious level, you will believe that you’ve had the physical procedure carried out and that your stomach has been reduced in size.

A safe consideration for weight loss is the Hypnotic Gastric Band, being non invasive. It is completely safe, not having the risks and complications that are associated with invasive surgery.

We use a two-pronged approach. First we look to identify the root cause of your emotional eating. Using hypnosis, we encourage you to remember long-forgotten experiences surrounding food that may be subconsciously affecting you now. Addressing any unhealthy thought patterns. Like those surrounding food. This should be conducted prior to commencement of the therapy.

Next we carry out the hypno gastric band treatment. This procedure is designed to suggest, at a subconscious level, that you have had an operation to insert a gastric band. The aim of this is for your body to respond to our suggestions. Resulting in making you feel fuller quicker.

How It Works

Using relaxation techniques we will put you into a state of hypnosis. In this relaxed state, your subconscious mind is more open to suggestion. And we make the appropriate suggestions to your subconscious mind.

The “Hypno Gastric Band” is a non-surgical technique. It uses advanced hypnosis processes to retrain your mind. And your mind will become satisfied with smaller amounts of food. This treatment works by helping you to permanently change your eating and lifestyle habits, by communicating with your subconscious mind. It is here where all our habits and thought patterns reside. It is where we are able to change habits at a deeper level.

We aim to change your eating habits and attitudes to food, giving safe, predictable results, through hypnosis. We help your mind to believe that your stomach is smaller. The hypnotic gastric band having been ‘placed’ around the top part of the stomach. With you beginning to serve up smaller portions of food. Becoming fuller quicker on smaller amounts of food.

We train your mind to be aware of when you are full. So, you don’t need to finish everything on your plate. We support you to make important lifestyle changes. Like taking up some form of exercise.

Drinking water prior to meals assists in weight loss. This will be encouraged throughout the hypnosis sessions. Chewing your food well is just as important.

The mind is powerful. So, if your subconscious takes on our suggestions, your behaviour changes. We follow this up with suggestions and additional sessions dealing with stress, anti-snacking and confidence. All these will help your behaviour and help you commit to this change in lifestyle.

The Proceedure

You will start with an initial consultation. Here, we will talk about any previous weight loss attempts that you have made, what success you had if any and the reasons you felt that they failed. Your eating habits, any health issues you may have and your general attitude towards food will be discussed. This information will give us a clearer idea of what will help and whether or not any other forms of treatment should be considered.

The procedure itself is designed to mimic gastric band surgery, to help your subconscious mind believe it has really happened. To make the experience more authentic, we incorporate the sounds and smells of an operating theatre. You will begin by being taken into a deeply relaxed state. You will be aware of what is happening and will be in control at all times.

Upon reaching the desired level of relaxation. We commence the virtual operation. Each and every step described. Starting with the anesthetic. Making the first incision, fitting the band itself and stitching up the cut.. The sounds and smells of an operating theatre are mimicked and designed to enhance your experience and to convince your subconscious mind that what is being said is really happening to you.

A requirement of this procedure is to have follow-up appointments. To monitor its success and to make any adjustments.. We find it helpful for you to continue hypnotherapy sessions as part of a long-term weight management plan. Allowing us to work with you to address underlying issues surrounding food, self-esteem, stress and self confidence.

Our “Hypno Gastric Band” should form part of a weight management programme that addresses nutrition and exercise habits. We recommend exercise through hypnotic suggestions. Our approach for motivation, is the same. The nutritional aspect of the program is your duty. The changing of habits, in mind and body leads to shedding those unwanted pounds.

The procedure being complete. We teach you self-hypnosis to reinforce your changes. You will receive an MP3 recording of the actual therapy session. Thereby enabling to use the recording to provide additional ongoing support for your long-term weight management.

How Will I Feel After?

You will feel relaxed. You will feel that you have had a band fitted. You will no longer feel the urge to clear your plate. You will no longer feel that you have to snack between meals. You will feel healthier. You may feel more energised.

For those who overeat. Recognising the fact that you are full is difficult. Some of us comfort eat, or eat through boredom. Ignoring if we are hungry or not. With follow up sessions we are able to help with these unhealthy eating habits.

Hypnosis does not pose any physical side effects. The on going possible side effects of surgery could be nausea, vomiting and acid reflux. And complications from surgery could be life threatening. As the “Hypno Gastric Band” isn’t a physical process, it won’t cause symptoms like this.

Will It Work For Me?

A common question for those trying hypnotherapy for the first time is – will it work for me? Unfortunately, it isn’t a simple case of yes or no; it is largely up to you.

Hypnosis helps people with a range of concerns. It is very effective in changing habits. It can be successful in helping people develop healthy eating habits. To lose weight. To be successful it will require your total commitment.

If you are committed and determined to making a lifestyle change, believe in the procedure and trust your hypnotherapist, the “Hypno Gastric Band” should prove successful.

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Smoking Cessation

Smoking Cessation

Quit smoking with A Healthy Mind

We all know that Smoking is an addiction. And theaddiction to smoking tobacco can be very difficult to break free from. This is due to the neuro-toxin poison nicotine. Most smokers wanting to quit smoking will switch to an alternative way of smoking, like e-cigarettes or vaping. Most will have tried nicotine sprays or patches.

We know that smoking causes hardening of the arteries, cardiovascular disease, increased risk of heart attacks and strokes, poor circulation (cold hands and feet), poor digestion, and also increases ageing of the skin. Yet we still continue to smoke.

The way that to Nicotine replacement treatments work is to slowly try and wean you off it by reducing the nicotine content over a period of time. The theory being that you will naturally no longer be addicted to nicotine. Nicotine leaves the body in approximately 72 hours.

I beleive that Nicotine addiction is more of a mental habit as well rather being just a physical one. So weaning yourself off the nicotine addiction with nicotine replacement treatment may work. But the mental habit remains. And it is this that causes so many smokers to start up again, if untreated. Therefore, no matter how much you want to conciously stop, if you don’t address the remaining mental habit, there is a strong chance that you will start up again. So, this is why hypnotherapy is extremely powerful in quitting, because it deals with the mental aspect of your nicotine addiction.

So, if you are one of the vast number of want to be non smokers, arrange a consultation now!

Most people, when trying to quit, find that they start to gain weight. This can be avoided with our follow up sessions. These reinforce your desire to quit and add ways of avoiding weight gain.

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Weight Loss

Weight Loss

We will work on a one to one basis with you. Helping you to reprogram your mind, in how you eat and what you eat. Through our therapy we will work with you to shed those excess pounds and to become more energetic.

We will support you in developing new coping methods to reduce stress and anxiety.

We will continue to support you with our relapse prevention system should you ever feel that you require it.

Through our Weight Loss Programme you can say good bye to yo-yo dieting.

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